6 Reasons Why Portable Storage Equals To Stress Free Moving


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6 Reasons Why Portable Storage Equals To Stress Free Moving

It’s no surprise that when times get tough in Calgary and surrounding areas, there’s a lot of moving going on. Some relocate elsewhere, some move in and others take advantage of the decline in housing prices to buy.

Whatever the situation may be, one thing is for certain. You’re going to need a way to move or store your belongings. That is inevitable. But how do you make moving as stress free as possible?

First, let’s look at the problem.

This situation may sound familiar:

Sabrina and her husband Joe just bought a bigger house to have more space for their growing family.

They sold their old house and have 30 days to move everything out.

They decide to contact a Calgary moving truck company to make a reservation, but because of the busy time of year, there were only smaller sizes available for their requested date.

The family has a lot of belongings, so the moving truck would not be big enough to take everything in one go. Multiple trips would be in order.

The problem is, they have two rambunctious toddlers that require a lot of attention. With no family near by to help watch the kids, Sabrina and Joe need a better solution that will allow them time to gradually move.

However, they don’t gain possession of their new home until the end of the month.

Sabrina and Joe are not sure what else to do.

This is just one of many scenarios where renting a moving truck is not the best option.

In a lot of cases, people need more time to move their belongings or are just looking for a stress free way to store items.

No one wants to leave their home after a long day of packing an expensive moving truck, just to have to drive across town and unpack everything before the days end.

If you have to make multiple trips, the cost for the truck begins to skyrocket, leaving you with a massive moving expense that should have stayed within budget.

Between the truck rental, mileage, truck insurance, other hidden costs, gas for the truck and the storage unit or moving company (if applicable),  your cost of moving can easily reach 4 digits.

So, like Sabrina and Joe, you may be stuck with little moving options, unless you consider portable storage and moving containers.

Portable self storage options are still not widely known in Calgary and surrounding areas, but for those that do know, it’s their #1 secret to stress free moving and storage. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. Portable Storage Containers Are Easier to Load

One of the perks of using a portable moving container is how easy it is to load.

If you’ve ever moved homes using a moving truck, you know how hard it is to get items into the truck on the rickety narrow ramp.

Portable storage containers sit flat on the ground and they have a wide entrance. You can just walk in and deposit your items inside. No acrobatic maneuvers required!

The risks of falling is low and your back will thank you.

2. It’s a Convenient Way to Pack

Another great perk that comes with using portable storage containers is the convenience.

When you use a moving truck, you have a few hours to load and unload a whole house! It can be stressful and exhausting, to say the least.

But when you use a mobile moving container, you can conveniently pack at your own pace. Need a few hours, days, weeks, months, years? Keep the container on your driveway for as long as you need it.

If you’re moving in winter, you won’t have to spend hours at a time outside. You can load a few things into the container and then go inside to warm up.

You also won’t have to deal with mountains of boxes and containers in your hallway. As soon as you have packed a few boxes, you can bring them into the portable storage container.

Mobile containers work even for those that live in a condo or apartment and don’t have the luxury of keeping a container long term.

With a moving truck you only have a few hours to complete your move before you have to hand it in. You may also not be able to pick up the truck at the time you need it.

With portable units such as MI-BOX, the container is dropped off when you need it and left on the loading zone for as long as you can have it there, no extra charge.

When you’re done, a special MI-BOX moving truck will come, pick up the container and take it to your next location or the MI-BOX storage facility.

3. No Extra Moving Truck Rental Required

Moving and mobile storage companies such as MI-BOX have special trucks that can easily transport containers between locations.

All you have to do is call MI-BOX and they will carefully install the container on your driveway or standard parking space.

The container sits at ground level, so no ramp is required. Once installed the truck unhinges and drives off until you need your container moved to the next location.

If you’re looking to keep your belongings at a storage facility, the MI-BOX team will transport it to their secure, local storage facility. There, your cherished possessions will stay safe and protected.

In short, you don’t have to do the driving which means no liability. That is a huge advantage to you.

4. Added Security and Peace of Mind

For one thing, while the storage container is at your home, you have the only key to keep it safe from intruders. The unit is also climate controlled and weather proof, so your items are safe from heat, wind, humidity, snow, hail and rain.

You can also rest assured your items are transported safely.

MI-BOX’s lift system is specially designed to keep your container horizontal at all times as it lifts so your items are safe inside.

Other portable storage companies will lift your container at an angle, causing everything to shift to the end, risking irreversible damage and a lot of headaches in the end.

5. Increase Chances of Selling Your Home

When dealing with a realtor to help sell your home, they will almost always give you tips for a faster sale. Bake cookies before a showing, keep the house clean and tidy at all times, declutter so viewers can invision their own things in the home and not yours.

Many MI-BOX clients’ that are looking to sell their homes take advantage of being able to move most of their belongings into a portable storage container which sits right on their driveway or standard parking space.

They can easily pack and move items they don’t use to declutter their homes.

Portable storage containers are also helpful whenever you do home renovations. Let’s say you are redoing the kitchen to increase chances of selling or renting a home. You can store all your kitchen stuff in the storage container while the work is done.

This way you don’t crowd your other rooms with the overflow from your kitchen.

It’s not so easy if you choose a local storage facility with no portable options. You’ll have to pack everything into a truck, take it to the storage and pull it all out again when you’re ready to move into your new location.

Luckily you have the portable storage option to make selling a home hassle free.

6. Flexible Options

Portable moving containers give you freedom to choose.

MI-BOX has three different sizes for your convenience; 8FT, 16FT, and 20FT.

You also have the option to keep the storage container at your residence/business, or have it stored at the MI-BOX storage facility.

MI-BOX plans are flexible without long-term commitments. You only pay for the storage you need, not extra space you won’t use.

Storage containers are excellent solutions for downsizing or when you are in-between homes. As mentioned earlier, you can take your time packing your items and you don’t need to rent a moving truck.

Bottom Line on Portable Storage

There you go. 6 reasons why portable storage containers are your best bet for moving, renovating, downsizing and selling your home.

Go ahead and contact MI-BOX for a free quote.



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