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What Sizes Do MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers In Calgary Come In?

At MI-BOX We offer three different size of containers. We have a twenty foot by eight foot by eight foot - 20'X8'X8' Typically good for about a 1700 square foot home, not including the basement or garage. We have our middle size a sixteen foot by eight foot by eight foot - 16'X8'X8' Typically good for around 1200 square foot, not including a basement or garage Or we have an eight foot by eight foot by eight foot - 8'X8'X8' Typically good for doing a garage renovation or moving a one to two bedroom apartment.

What Are The MI-BOX Calgary Moving And Storage Unit Specification?

As you can see this particular moving and storage unit has what we call a roll-up door.

The roll-up doors are nice because they don't take up a lot of space. Some customers on these particular units have a little bit of trouble opening and closing the door. It's a real simple process

You want to step on the handle, slide the latch over, roll the door up, and then do the same thing when you close it. You want to pull the door down, step on the handle, and slide the latch over.

These containers can carry about 8 000 pounds worth of freight. They have a tear weight of about 2 200 pounds. Usually about a total capacity of about 10 200 pounds.

Our competitors usually have an overall weight of about 15 000 pounds. Ours are lighter, easier, and safer to put on your driveway.

We want to make sure that every MIBOX that you're putting your valuable possessions in is nice and clean.

As you can see, we always deliver these things clean and disinfected and ready to use. We have a row of D-rings on the bottom of the container and steel rings on the top.

These particular things function is to be able to move stuff into the container and attach tie-downs to them to be able to hold your stuff in place so it won't get damaged in the transportation process.

We sell these high-security disk locks to help keep your stuff safe when they're on your property.

As you can see when it's attached it keeps the u-part of the lock nice and encased so nobody can come around try and get in here with a set of bolt cutters.

Where Can I Store My MI-BOX Storage Unit Rental?

Here at MI-BOX, we offer two types of storage unit rental. We offer outdoor yard storage for the container or indoor temperature-controlled storage for the container. Outdoor's more for the short term customers who are going to be in and out. Indoor temperature-controlled storage is great for people who have antique wood furniture, high-end electronics, high-end artwork, etc.

How Does MI-BOX Calgary Storage Units Protect My Property When Installed?

When we put MI-BOX Calgary storage units down, we want to make sure your driveway or parking space does not get scratched or damaged in any way.

  • The box is leveled off with blocks
  • The containers are made out of high-quality DuraPlate paneling to help protect your stuff
  • It's all galvanized steel so it doesn't rust or leak
  • It's lightweight so it doesn't damage your driveway from the weight of the unit. you can put up to 8,000 pounds in there.
  • The container is placed leveled on your driveway at all times. We do not tilt containers.


Step 1.

Get your own MI-BOX unit delivered right to your address!


Step 2.

Load your MI-BOX unit at your own pace and keep for as long as needed.


Step 3.

When you're done, our team delivers the container to the next location!

Prevent Damages

MI-BOX Lift System

Our MI-BOX trucks carefully install the portable storage container at level with your driveway, and when you're ready to move, we pick up the container at level. MI-BOX containers are NEVER tilted to keep your items safe. 

Wade Scott

I want to recommend Mi Box as a great storage solution for residential homes. They were very willing to work with my alley location and showed up a day early to help us get ready for our move. The container was clean inside and out, which allowed to start moving our belongings in immediately.The client service experience at Mi Box is exceptional and I look forward to using them again for future storage solutions.

Natasha Borosh

We have dealt with them many times in the past, they have been very professional and punctual. Amazing customer service!

Kristi Henriksen

We used MI-Box for our latest move - once for the pre-staging when we we were preparing to list our house for sale and needed to clear a ton of clutter and again when we moved to our new house! Talk about convenient - and the team at MI-Box worked with us to make sure everything ran on time! Super service and great prices. I would recommend them to all my clients, family and friends!! A local company makes all the difference in the world!!

Dave H

Amazing service! I was introduced to Mi-Box through a Garage Reno company. Had an issue with the latch and emailed the company about it expecting a reply the following day. Steph literally drove across the city on a Sunday night in a snow storm (seriously) to help me out. I was blown away! She followed up several times to make sure all was good the following week. She genuinely cares about her customers and went way above and way beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I will never go anywhere else, and highly recommend Mi-Box to anyone requiring temporary storage. Amazing!

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