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Moving truck rentals are outdated, stressful and dangerous!

Are you looking for a moving truck rental? Consider MIBOX as a safer alternative instead. 

Moving can be a very draining and daunting task, and it becomes a lot worse when you find yourself behind the wheel of a massive moving truck.

Large moving trucks are increasingly intimidating when the driver is used to significantly smaller vehicles. Additionally, there are no rear view mirrors, meaning drivers must solely rely on side-view mirrors. Accidents can happen easily, especially when nerves kick in.

So what happens if there is an accident? Depending on the nature of the accident, the driver may not be covered by insurance. Most major moving truck rental companies will not cover accidents unless you purchase additional insurance. And even that may not cover everything.

Many companies don’t cover accidents that involve damage to the roof of the vehicle. Drivers that aren’t used to checking for height clearance may find themselves in quite the predicament if a situation like that occurs. Even if an accident happens and the insurance does cover the damage, it is still a situation no one wants to find themselves in the middle of.


Modern, Easy And Safe – How It Works

MI-BOX offers the perfect solution for residential movers who don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with driving an oversized moving truck.

Just give us a call or reach out online, and we will help determine what size of unit you require based on how many rooms of household furniture you are moving. Once you book a date with us, one of our professional drivers will transport the mobile storage unit to your home.

Our experts will place the container in a safe location with our state of the art lift technology to ensure the unit is level with the ground at all times. Your unit will even remain level during transport, so the chances of items moving around and becoming damaged are slim to none.

You will also have access to your unit 24/7, and you may keep the unit as long as you’d like, so you can literally work at your very own pace without rushing to get the job done quickly.

When the packing is complete, let us know where to drop off the moving container, whether it be at a new residence or our clean and secure storage facility for later use. 

Moving Truck Rental

MI-BOX Unit Sizes

Our units come in 3 well-suited sizes for any job. You can also mix and match the storage containers for larger-scale jobs or projects.

  • Small unit- 8’ x 8’ x 8’, this unit is ideal for moving or storing dorm rooms or seasonal belongings.
  • Medium unit- 16’ x 8’ x 8’, this container is ideal for small apartments or 2 to 3 rooms of household storage.
  • Large unit- 20’ x 8’ x 8’, this unit is our most spacious and will store a large apartment or even big projects like renovations

Ditch the moving truck rental and get in touch with MI BOX today!

Avoiding dangerous and nerve-racking moving truck rentals has never been so easy and convenient for those who want no part of it or would prefer to stay clear if given a choice.  MI-BOX will take the stress and hassle right out by handling it for you. Click here to get a free online quote or give us a call for more information. 

Wade Scott

I want to recommend Mi Box as a great storage solution for residential homes. They were very willing to work with my alley location and showed up a day early to help us get ready for our move. The container was clean inside and out, which allowed to start moving our belongings in immediately.The client service experience at Mi Box is exceptional and I look forward to using them again for future storage solutions.

Kristi Henriksen

We used MI-Box for our latest move - once for the pre-staging when we we were preparing to list our house for sale and needed to clear a ton of clutter and again when we moved to our new house! Talk about convenient - and the team at MI-Box worked with us to make sure everything ran on time! Super service and great prices. I would recommend them to all my clients, family and friends!! A local company makes all the difference in the world!!

Natasha Borosh

We have dealt with them many times in the past, they have been very professional and punctual. Amazing customer service!

Dave H

Amazing service! I was introduced to Mi-Box through a Garage Reno company. Had an issue with the latch and emailed the company about it expecting a reply the following day. Steph literally drove across the city on a Sunday night in a snow storm (seriously) to help me out. I was blown away! She followed up several times to make sure all was good the following week. She genuinely cares about her customers and went way above and way beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I will never go anywhere else, and highly recommend Mi-Box to anyone requiring temporary storage. Amazing!