Wondering How Much Movers Cost in Calgary?

The cost of hiring movers can vary, but knowing what to expect can make the process smoother. Here’s a straightforward look at what you’ll be paying for a move in Calgary.

For local moves, expect to pay around $139 to $150 per hour for a crew of two movers with a truck. The final bill will depend on how long it takes to complete the move. For a studio apartment, costs typically range from $470 to $1,100, while a larger 4-bedroom home could run you anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500.

Moving and storage

Long-distance moves are usually priced at a flat rate. These can range from $2,200 to over $9,570, depending on the distance and services required.

Extra costs might come from packing materials, moving specialty items like pianos, or dealing with stairs and elevators. To keep things affordable, consider moving mid-month when rates are lower and packing your own belongings.

Why stress over hiring Calgary movers when MI-BOX offers a simpler, more affordable and more flexible solution?

With MI-BOX, you control the pace of your move. No need to juggle schedules or worry about hourly rates piling up. MI-BOX delivers a secure storage container right to your doorstep, allowing you to load and unload at your convenience.

Plus, you only handle your items once, saving time and reducing the risk of damage.

Whether you need storage for a move, renovation, or decluttering, MI-BOX provides a stress-free, affordable alternative to traditional movers.

Perfect for moving, business & home renovations, de-cluttering, preparing a home to sell, general storage and more.

The Affordable & Stress Free Alternative To Hiring Movers.

So, how does obtaining a storage unit work?

MI-BOX is a mobile self-storage company that allows you to work at your very own pace with secure 24-hour access.
One of our professional drivers will deliver the unit of your choice right to your home. We will place the storage unit on your driveway with our state of the art lift technology, ensuring the unit is level at all times.

Leveling the container will allow for a perfectly aligned step in height as well as a precise fit for cargo and steady transportation.

Gone are the days where Calgary movers had to load the truck as quickly as possible, drive a massive moving truck to your new destination, and unload as quickly as possible to avoid late fees. You can keep the unit as long as you’d like, so there is no need to rush and stress out. 


Laura Stehr
Laura Stehr
I've been dealing with this company for all my moving needs since 2016 . I can't express how much they've helped me with a couple moves and long term storage ! They've always been the best at communication and responding whether text or email . Theyve always been very supportive, understand and willing to work with me when any financial hard times occurred ,. Steph always assured me that together we can work it out . And we did ! The whole staff goes above and beyond! literally by helping me physically move my stuff around! Your company is the best and I will always refer you to anybody for their moving and storage needs . You deliver fantastic service , you're flexible and adorable !! We're like family and if anything developed great friendship ! Please !!!! remember when you're out in the Oyama ( Lake Country ) BC area you always have a lake lot RV to stay at :) Thanks again for your over the top customer service and positive experiences every time ! Laura Stehr
Tanya B
Tanya B
I can not say enough of good things about this amazing and very caring company that delivers quality service! We are renting 3 20ft containers from them for the last 7 months, as we are doing a major renovation at our new place and can't get our stuff in the house yet. Currently, all 3 of them are stored inside of their heated indoor facility, which is very much appreciated and highly recommended 🙏 I would hire them again in a heartbeat, highly recommended!
Shelly Flawse
Shelly Flawse
I don’t write many reviews but when a business is exemplary, I try to remember to. I stored the contents of my house for 5 years with Mi-Box West. From the very beginning, communication was great with the owner/manager and it continued this way through the entire 5 years. Becoming a client of theirs was easy, efficient and they were very flexible and understanding with beginning and ending date changes for drop off and pick up. And even though our communication was via email, all was done with a smile. Always. Following pickup, all subsequent communication was with Steph. She has always been very professional, very responsive and just super easy to deal with. You can feel her kindness through her emails. This is a business that not only provides the service you asked for but makes it easy too! This is what we’re all looking for with any service company. When the contents were unpacked it’s as if they had only been stored last week, not 5 years ago. It’s very apparent that much care was taken with transport and during all the time in the warehouse. And a great concept…having the box to load and unload in your driveway is the way to go. If you need storage, long term or short, don’t hesitate to use this company. After 5 years, I can highly recommend them!
Rochelle Overdevest
Rochelle Overdevest
OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. MiBox is THE company to go to if you need storage. They are extremely responsive and go above and beyond. This was an excellent moving experience and I would highly highly recommend them to anyone in need of a storage unit!
Randy R
Randy R
Our second time using MI-BOX Calgary and they truly deserve a five star review. Customer service is amazing and the staff are genuinely happy, polite, and calm. Highly recommend.
Rhea Ennis
Rhea Ennis
My move was stressful due to many factors, but all the staff at Mibox from the receptionists to the drivers, were extremely accommodating and supportive. They helped offer proper recommendations, referrals for movers, and were flexible with all the changes in my schedule. The driver also went above and beyond to help support and take the time making sure my mibox was positioned securely on the street near my condo as close as possible for my move as we couldn’t park it on the premise. Thanks so much for all of your help! Appreciate all the service provided.
Catherine Spaens
Catherine Spaens
Had an awesome experience with Mi-Box. Had to coordinate several different pickup/drop off dates for a couple storage units and it was a very straightforward process. They were accommodating and easy to work with; no hidden fees either!
Sheryl Kalman
Sheryl Kalman
We can’t say enough about the professional service we received from Mi-Box. We rented 2 storage containers, 20 ft & 16 ft, for 15 months of inside storage. Moving can be stressful but packing & unpacking these storage containers at your own pace is so stress free - we highly recommend this company & this convenient storage method to anyone. The staff at the Mi-Box Calgary location were so accommodating and nice to deal with - very professional.
Keith Moore
Keith Moore
Moving is not fun and can be a terrible experience. MIBOX and the Calgary staff, made our move as bearable as possible. Each member of the team we encountered was courteous, friendly and professional. Their prices are very reasonable and the service of having the unit picked up and delivered to your new home just makes it a no-brainer over traditional storage. Highly recommended to anyone for their next move! Well done MIBOX!
Michelle Sotelo
Michelle Sotelo
Mi-BOX is a great company. Professional and efficient, prices are reasonable. Straight forward and accommodating. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again in the future.

How big are the storage units?

MI-BOX storage units come in 3 accommodating sizes to choose from, and we can even mix and match containers to fulfill moving and storing requirements. 

  • Our small unit is 8’ x 8’ x 8’, making it perfect for packing or storing small rooms, seasonal items and even dorm rooms.  
  • Our medium unit is 16’ x 8’ x 8’, ideal for small apartments, up to 4 rooms of furniture, or small reno projects
  • Our large unit is 20’ x 8’ x 8’, excellent for moving large apartments, up to 5 rooms of household items, or large reno projects. 

How do I get started?

The whole process is very easy and can be broken down into four easy steps:

  1. Give us a call, and we’ll help you determine what size of unit you’ll need.
  2. Let us know where to drop off the container. 
  3. Take as much time as you need to load up the storage unit.
  4. Give us another call and let us know where the next destination is, whether it be at a new residence, business or our clean and secure storage facility


Calgary movers have never had it so easy. All you have to do is pack your belongings weeks before the move, don’t worry about the moving truck, and simply drive to your new home and unpack at your own pace.
Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are here for you every step of the way. Click here to speak to one of our team members and get your free quote today. 

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