Mobile Storage vs Traditional Storage

As self storage grows in popularity, people may be unaware that there are alternative options that highly compete with traditional storage lockers across the city. Don’t make a decision until you have joined us in exploring the differences between mobile storage and traditional storage. 

Read on to have your moving stress and anxieties put at ease. 

What is mobile storage?

First thing is first. What in the world is mobile storage anyway? 

You just so happened to come across MI-BOX, the undisputed mobile storage champion of Canada. Let us explain.

A mobile storage container is driven to the location of your choice (residential or commercial) and placed in any standard parking space. 

This is acquired with our revolutionary lift system located on the truck that carefully and accurately picks up and lowers the container horizontally (no tilt), making it perfectly level when placed in the location of your choice. 

The entrance is level with the ground, meaning there are no dangerous ramps to walk up and down, making the loading and unloading process much easier.

Once you have packed away all your items, simply give us a call and we will arrive in a jiffy to pick up and transport your storage container to a residential or commercial location of your choosing, or to one of our clean, organized, secure and easily accessible mobile storage unit facilities. 

One of the most convenient perks of choosing us to assist with your moving and storage needs, is that you can keep the storage container as long as you please.

You can also access the unit at your parking space 24/7!

We’re fairly certain this could be described as stupendous. Especially on hectic and stressful moving days. 

Mobile Self Storage vs Traditional Self Storage

Now that we know what mobile storage is and how it works, let’s get into one of the most important and essential checkmarks on every movers list; time efficiency.

Time efficiency

Traditional storage requires one to pack all of their belongings, load them into a vehicle, drive to the storage facility, unload onto a trolly (most of the time), and then organize the items into the storage unit.

By this time, you’ll require a lot of strength, willpower and sheer effort to move your things from point A to point B multiple times.  

If you’re exhausted and feeling gloomy just by thinking about all of the work involved, allow us to bring back the glorious sunshine! 

An Alternative Option

By selecting our mobile storage option, you will save yourself a lot of valuable time by skipping the lengthy drive to and from the storage unit facility, which means you save kilometers and gas on your vehicle. 

There will also be no need for you to rent a moving truck or borrow a friend or family members larger vehicle, should you not have one. 

Lets face it, moving isn’t on anyone’s top 5 list of things they would rather be doing, especially when so much time is involved. 

Why not skip some tedious and needless steps if you have the option to?

Take a moment to imagine being able to walk out of your front door and be only steps away from your secure, clean and leveled mobile storage unit at any time you desire. You can move at your own pace for as long as you need.

It’s a great feeling to know you can accomplish more with half the effort. That’s a good reason to smile. 

Cost Efficiency

So far we have discussed what mobile self storage containers are all about, and some of the wonderful perks that go along with having MI-BOX along for your journey. 

Furthermore, we went over the incredible efficiency (that is nothing short of amazing) for any strict time management schedule needing maximum productivity, or simply a stress free at your own pace schedule. 

It’s time to move on to cost efficiency. This is another big checkmark on any movers list.  

On average, Calgarians who use traditional self storage units spend approximately $320 and up per month for a large storage unit of 200-599 sq ft. 

This will accommodate a small one bedroom apartment of household items. If that is not enough space, you will need to rent another storage unit that may not even be close to the first one you rented. Not to mention that the access times throughout the day are limited… super convenient or what? 

Keep in mind that you will also need to drive to and from the storage unit. Depending on the size of you require for your moving needs, you will need to make multiple trips back and forth. That means fuel costs will need to be taken into account. 

A large storage container at MI-BOX measures 20ft (20’ x 8’ x 8’) and is ideal for moving a very large apartment or a home with 4-5 rooms of household items. It’s affordable and If you require another storage container, we will happily place one right next to the existing unit. 

An added bonus? No money is wasted on fuel. Now that is convenient! 

If you’d rather keep your storage unit at our secure facility, we can arrange that as well.

Here at MI-BOX, we pride ourself on delivering painless, convenient, reliable, fast and friendly experiences, while maintaining highly competitive rates that fit your budget. 

All in all, you get more for your buck with MI-BOX. 

At the end of the day, time and peace of mind is everything. 

Moments spent with friends, family members, or even enjoying your own company are precious as well as priceless. 

Here at MI-BOX we will do our part to ensure your time is not spent taking unnecessary moving and storage steps. With MI-Box on your team, the job can get done safely, efficiently, as well as stress free! All at your own pace. 

This means you are free to happily relish in doing things that matter the most, with the people that matter most. 

Click here to receive a free quote from one of our friendly representatives. 



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