Move Your Business Easily and Cost-Efficiently with MI-BOX Portable Storage Units 


Business Storage

Preparing for a commercial move? Don’t let the logistics of moving your business stand in the way! With a MI-BOX  portable storage unit, you can be on your way to a hassle-free move without breaking the bank. 

Moving your business from one location to another can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t have the right resources. But what if we told you that you can move your business without all the hassle? Thanks to MI-BOX business storage units, moving is easier than ever before. 

Read on to learn why MI-BOX is the perfect solution for businesses of any size looking for an easy and cost-efficient way to relocate. 

How It Works

At MI-BOX, we have 3 size choices of portable storage containers depending on your business moving and storage needs. 

Small: 8 ft, Medium: 16 ft, Large: 20 ft. These storage units will fit on most driveways, and the smaller ones will fit in a parking stall. They are perfectly levelled for a comfortable step-in height, so there is no strain to your body as you load and unload at your own pace. 

There is no need to drive a moving truck, as our expert drivers will park your storage unit in a parking stall weeks or even months before the move. When it’s time to pack up, you can rent one of our portable storage units that are perfect for commercial moves. 

Once you’ve packed up everything you need, our driver will return and transport your portable storage unit safely and securely to its new location. We guarantee that all items inside the unit will stay safe and secure from  theft, as our units are built strong.  

And if you finish packing up early, we can store your unit in our storage facility until moving day so there’s no rush! 

Advantages of Using MI-BOX Storage Units

What makes MI-BOX one of the best solutions for relocating businesses is its convenience and affordability. Our mobile storage units are designed to make moving easier by eliminating the need for multiple trips back and forth between locations when transporting goods. 

Plus, they are more cost effective than hiring traditional movers because we have no hidden charges or extra fees involved. Also, thanks to their waterproof design, your items will always remain safe throughout transportation regardless of weather conditions! 

Trust MI-BOX With Your Business move and storage needs

At MI-BOX it’s our mission to make moving easier than ever before – and that includes commercial moves! Whether you are a small business just starting out or an established corporation looking for an efficient way to relocate offices, our mobile storage units provide the perfect solution every time. 

With no hidden charges or extra fees involved, our affordable rates make it easy for businesses of any size to take advantage of this convenient service without breaking their budget! 

Ready to have the most stress-free business move ever? Click here to get in touch with us today!



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