Portable storage units

Looking for a hassle-free mobile storage solution? Look no further than MI-BOX. With the ability to keep the unit on your property or at a store location, enjoy the convenience, security, and accessibility of storing your belongings without compromising on space. 

When it comes to storing your belongings, convenience and accessibility play a vital role. Portable storage units have revolutionized the storage industry by bringing the storage space directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking to declutter your home, embark on a residential move, or need on-site storage for a construction project, mobile storage units offer a convenient and flexible solution. 

Let’s explore the benefits of choosing portable storage and why teaming up with MI-BOX is the ideal choice.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Imagine having a storage unit right outside your house, accessible at your convenience. With portable storage units, you can experience this level of convenience. All it takes is a simple phone call, and MI-BOX will deliver the unit to your desired location within Calgary and the surrounding area at a time that suits you best. 

No more driving back and forth to a distant storage facility or adhering to their operating hours. With portable storage, everything works on your schedule, ensuring a hassle-free storage experience.

Accessibility Made Easy

Not only are mobile storage units convenient in terms of time and location, but they also provide easy accessibility. Each unit is designed with ground-level loading, allowing you to walk right into the unit without any difficulties. 

This makes the process of loading and unloading your belongings comfortable and safe. Furthermore, you have the freedom to organize your unit in a way that allows easy access to items you may need in the future. Consider leaving some space while packing to ensure you can reach specific items whenever necessary.

Safety and Security for Your Belongings

One of the primary concerns when it comes to storage is the safety of your belongings. MI-BOX’s portable storage units are built with galvanized steel frames, ensuring sturdy construction and weather resistance. You can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected, even in the face of adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s a strong windstorm or heavy rain, your stored items will remain safe and secure.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs

MI-BOX understands that every storage requirement is unique. That’s why they offer flexible options to cater to your specific needs.

Long-Term or Short-Term

Whether you need temporary storage during a home renovation or long-term storage after a move, portable storage units are available for both short and long-term use. You can keep the unit for as long as you require, even after you’ve completed your move. MI-BOX will handle the transportation, allowing you to maintain a seamless storage experience.

Multiple Size Variations

With MI-BOX, you have the freedom to choose from multiple size variations. Whether you need to store furniture, appliances, or even vehicles, there’s a storage unit size that fits your requirements. From dorm rooms to seasonal storage and very large moves, MI-BOX ensures you have ample space to store your valuables.

On-Site or Store Location

Feel free to keep our storage unit(s) on your property for as long as you need. If you prefer not to keep the portable storage unit on your property, MI-BOX offers the option to store it at a secure storage location. Drop off and pick up are completely handled by us. 

Get a Portable Storage Unit for Your Next Move!

Portable storage units have revolutionized how people care for their belongings while transporting them. It’s no wonder it’s becoming so sought after. No matter what project you’ve got going on or what size, MI-BOX has got you covered. 

Ready to have the most seamless and stressful move of your life? Team up with MI-BOX today and we promise it will be one of the best decisions ever. Click here to get started!



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