5 Tips To Pack & Move Like A Pro!

renovating, or wanting to store excess belongings, here are our top tips for packing and moving, like a pro.

  1. Packing and moving large items takes planning.

  • If you’re refrigerator, stove, dish washer or washing machine are coming with you on a move, make sure you have ample time to disconnect them, clean them and dry them out before the big day. Some techy appliances require electricians or certified technicians to unplug if there are high-voltage connections, so make sure to organize this in advance. Fridges and deep freezes must be unplugged and thawed at least 48 hours in advance so you can dry them out early.
  1. Be weight conscious.

  • Put books and heavy items in small boxes as to not injure yourself or the movers. This will also help to reduce the risk of boxes breaking. Some professional movers won’t move excessively heavy boxes if they discover they weren’t packed with this in mind. Try packing pillows and bedding in larger boxes as they are lighter but can be a nuisance to carry when not packed properly.
  1. Label, label, label!

  • One way to help movers and keep organized is to label each box. Outline what’s in the box and the room it belongs in. Pack items you will need FIRST in clear plastic bins so that they are easy to find once you’re belongings are in your new space.
  1. Who needs bubble wrap?! Get creative with wrapping!

  • Try wrapping your breakables in clothes for extra padding. Glasses and stemware fit nicely in clean socks. Stuff extra cotton balls in make-up containers to reduce breaking. Cover large items like bookshelves with washable blankets.
  1. Choose a reliable & affordable moving company.

  • When selecting a moving and storage company, make sure to consider security, reliability, accessibility and assistance. Check to see if they are a local company because you tend to get better and comprehensive service from the same representative from the start to finish of your experience. Also, consider the price per cubic foot as opposed to dimensions because that’s where the real cost savings are. For more info about cost comparisons, check out our blog.

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