A Stress Free Moving Experience

This is a fantastic company to deal with. Sean is very friendly and trustworthy. I really liked how flexible he was with the dates, even on short notice. I got quotes from every portable storage company I could find in the Calgary/Okotoks area and I found Mi-Box prices to be much better than most others. The box was clean (looked brand new) and the driver was phenomenal. The fact that the box is loaded and unloaded level (not tipped and dragged onto the truck like other companies) was a big plus for us, nothing moved or fell over when they moved the box to our new house. I would highly recommend Mi-Box and we would definitely use them if we move again.
Google Review from Craig

Portable Storage Containers

MI-BOX’s portable storage containers are available in a range of sizes from smaller 8 ft. units that suit garage items to larger 20 ft. units for apartments or 4-5 rooms of household items.
Most customers use storage containers when they are moving house. Whether you are moving in with your partner and need storage because you now have two of everything, or you would like to start moving your things out of your house nice and early then MI-BOX is the solution for you. Some things that people store include furniture, appliances, summer and winter sporting equipment in their off seasons. If you are considering a portable storage container to help you move, go for it! As Craig said the dates are flexible so if the move date is not set is not stone the container can stay on your property for as long as you need. 

Flexible Dates

Flexibility is a key reason that people choose MI-BOX. If it is storage or moving that you are after, take your time moving by using a portable storage container. Imagine having your MI-BOX delivered right to your home, and having access to it anytime of the day.  The MI-BOX storage unit is lockable, therefore you can pack a small part of your house into this container each day. Then you’ll just call Sean and the team when you are ready to move the container to your next location which could be you new home in Calgary or a storage facility.

Value For Money

Get the value that you deserve! MI-BOX provides quality, durable containers that are built to fit perfectly in any driveway. This means that you can move at your own pace. Unlike moving trucks, your date is not final. Perhaps you would like extra time to unpack your things or would like to put some things into storage while you do renovations or get settled. This is the type of value that you don’t know that you need until you’re there in the moment and need that extra day.
The boxes are kept neat and tidy, the movement of the container is done so gently. Therefore, your belongings are kept in their set position. The material that the container is built with also adds value. Some containers are made of plywood, which is not as safe as our steel containers which keep the harsh weather conditions out.

Locally Owned And Operated

MI-BOX delivers outstanding customer service to all their customers. Sean and the team genuinely want to make your moving or storage experience as stress-free as possible. The level of service is unmatched within the industry, so speak to the friendly team about your moving or storage needs today. 

Special Offers

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! MI-BOX is also offering this special offer for a limited time, so take advantage today!



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