Why People Use Storage Containers


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Why People Use Storage Containers

Ever wondered why do people use storage containers? Well, wait no longer MI-BOX Calgary reveals all!

We have found that a lot of Calgarians invest in storage containers and most of them have an interesting story to tell. Here are some of our favourite answers for why people use storage containers:

  • cherished heirlooms,
  • love stories of people moving in together,
  • holding onto children’s furniture to pass onto the next generation,
  • people who have put their things in storage while they travel the world,
  • putting things into storage so a loved one can stay with them,
  • home improvement stories and moving houses.  

Do any of these stories sound like your current situation? If so, get a free quote today.

Sentimental Furniture

A common item stored at MI-BOX is furniture. Precious heirlooms that you don’t have room for anymore, your children’s favourite toys or even their bunk beds so they can pass them along to their own children one day. There are some pieces of furniture and items that are really special to us, instead of throwing them away or selling them, you can keep the sentimental value forever.

It’s Time To Move In Together 

When it comes time to take the next step if your relationship or you are just moving in with some friends storage comes in handy! We have a storage unit for all your extra furniture or other belongings that just won’t fit. Now you have two microwaves, two beds (in a one bedroom apartment), two couches (but one living room), and an abundance of kitchenware! Once you decide what you would like to keep you can put the rest in storage, who knows you may be moving again soon. 

Baby Furniture 

Imagine that you have a little bundle of joy. You have bought a pram, different car seats, a crib, and many more large items. But they grow up so quickly, you need these things out of the way to make room for their “big kid bed”. We recommend putting all your large baby items into storage, especially if you are thinking about continuing to grow your family!

Making Room For Family And Friends

Is Grandma staying with you for a few months? Perhaps a cousin has decided to go to university in your city so you are taking them in. To accommodate this loved one, turn your office space into an extra bedroom. Rent a storage container so that your office equipment can be moved out of the space until it’s time for them to go. 

I’m Off On An Adventure

Whether you are seeking new opportunities away from your current home, or perhaps you’re taking some time to travel and would like to rent your home to help fund your travels. Even if you’re one of those lucky few that flock to the south seeking warmth during winter. Although we wish we could go with you, we will be here in Calgary looking after your belongings so that you can enjoy your time away without worrying about them. 

Home Staggering Or Renovations

If you are moving homes or renovating, storage containers reduces the stress and increased the room! By staggering the timeline of a move, you are able to take your time and not rush the process. Imagine moving houses and not having boxes all over your new home… wouldn’t that be nice? The same applies to renovating your home, put your items into storage so that you don’t damage any furniture or have excess clutter in the construction zone. 

MI-BOX Calgary Cares About Their Customers

At MI-BOX Calgary we care about our customer stories and get to know them. Asking “why do people use storage containers?” is just one way we do this. The more we know about your situation the more we can help. For example, most of the stories above would need flexible dates, or by knowing what we are storing we can make recommendations on the size of container or storing things indoor compared to outdoors. To show much MI-BOX Calgary really cares about you, we’re going to offer you a special promotion – receive FREE pickup and delivery by clicking here.



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