What Is Mobile Storage Unit?

What Is Mobile Self Storage?

Mobile storage makes storage easy to manage! Whether you are exploring traditional storage options or looking for a solution to help declutter while you renovate then a mobile self storage unit is for you. Imaging having a lockable storage container located on your property, you could pack at your own pace. If you would prefer you can leave mobile self storage container on your property or MI-BOX can collect this and store it in our outdoor or in our indoor facility. That all sounds better than driving your goods to a storage unit, mobile storage companies will bring the storage unit to you. Let’s explore the other differences!

Mobile Self-Storage In Calgary

MI-BOX is the best choice for mobile self storage and moving in Calgary. If you need to store items away for seasonality, renovations, or clearing out a piece of furniture or two, we recommend calling the friendly team at MI-BOX. The process is super easy. Just call MI-BOX, anange a drop off, fill the container, and then arrange a pick up when you are ready. DIY storage is so easy, you pack at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  Our mobile self storage containers come in a variety of sizes 8 ft by 8 ft (750 sqft),  16ft by 8 ft (1350 sqft), and 20ft by 8ft (2000 sqft). These sizes can move one bedroom to a full home. Once you have packed everything that you need, just call MI-BOX and the friendly team will look after you.

Traditional Storage

This type of storage is commonly located in warehouses in industrial estates and are often difficult to get to. If you are driving our own car many trips are required to get to and from the location. Alternatively, you would need to rent a truck, drive it to your home and pack it up with the items you want to store. Then drive to the storage facility and unload the truck all within the time limit that the delivery truck has set.  Not to mention the double handling, moving the item in the truck, unloading, and finally storing it in the final destination.

Choose Mobile Self Storage Containers

It is clear to see why many people choose mobile self storage units. Your items only need to be moved once, there aren’t any time restriction, and you have the freedom to move the items home at any time. Mobile self storage is the best choice for moving and storage, skip the hassle of renting a moving truck, driving your car yo the location, or having time limits.

Get in touch with the team today and let’s talk about your moving or storage solution.



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