Portable Storage Container Costs


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Portable Storage Container Costs

Storage is Calgary can be costly! But there are ways to save money and MI-BOX is the storage team that Calgary trusts with all their storage and moving needs. MI-BOX storage containers can be delivered to your home, apartment, or business, this means that you can pack at your own pace. At MI-BOX our focus is on making your move stress free and affordable. You will save on costs like delivery trucks, you will save time driving back and forth from the storage location. The move will really be stress free as the portable storage unit is located on your property so you can pack it at your own pace!

How much does it cost to rent a portable storage container that stays on my property?

MI-BOX is the best choice for mobile self storage and moving in Calgary. Rates for portable storage containers can start at $169.99 per month. However, we always have promotions to help you save more! DIY storage not only saves you money but also time, it is so easy, you can pack at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Imagine not having to pay for a delivery truck or driving back and forth between your home and the storage facility!

Our portable storage containers are available in a variety of sizes 8 ft by 8 ft (750 sqft),  16ft by 8 ft (1350 sqft), and 20ft by 8ft (2000 sqft). These sizes can move one bedroom to a full home. Once you have packed everything that you need, just call MI-BOX and the friendly team will look after you.

8 ft. Small Units:

Storage container that’s perfect for the contents of dorm rooms, seasonal items, or garage items.

16 ft. Medium Units:

Storage container that will fit the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment or 3-4 rooms of furniture.

20 ft. Large Units:

Storage container will fit the contents of a large apartment or 4-5 rooms of household items.

Stress Free Storage Solutions

Moving or storing things away can often take time, sorting through the things that you want to keep and donating the things that you don’t. Give yourself the freedom of time and ultimately reduce the stress of moving. Store your container right on your property while you pack it, then call MI-BOX and we will pick it up for you! We can return the box, move it to the next location within Calgary, or store the container at our Calgary storage facility, we’re flexible!



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