Park Your Car In The Garage This Winter


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Park Your Car In The Garage This Winter

Is your garage full of things that you have accumulated over the years? So much so, that you cannot park your car in its intended spot? Portable Storage is an ideal solution that for many Calgarians especially over the winter months. We have seen people in your situation clear their things out of the garage and either keep their storage on their property or more commonly people store their items at our MI-BOX storage facility. Get a Quote Now.

Don’t Park Outside Again This Winter

Scraping the ice off your car each morning is a difficult task that none of us enjoy. Do you have a garage where you wish you could park, but instead park outside instead because you are currently using it for storage? You are not alone! MI-BOX is here to help, we deliver a moving container to your home and you call us when it’s full, or you can leave it at your property for the winter. 
Here are some benefits of parking in the garage:
– Reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning because you will not have to scrape the car so you will get a sleep in, woohoo!
– Stay warmer in the morning, no more walking from the house to the car through the snow. Will you become a self-proclaimed morning person?
– Keep your vehicle off the street when the street sweepers come by. Save money by keeping your windshield and car body safe.

Flexible Storage Solutions 

We deliver a storage unit when you need it and you may hold onto it as long as you need. Estimate the size of storage container that you think you will need and we can always deliver another container if you need more storage room. 


Having lockable containers means that you can take your time loading the container. Knowing that your possessions are safe at all times; from the container is being filled on your property, to the container being housed in a secure storage facility. Our storage containers are built with heavy duty material.

Delivery of the Container

Having a mobile storage container is convenient, you can have your container delivered back to your home or visit your container at the facility. Storage is made easy with MI-BOX!

Special Offers

Now is the time to take back your garage, and we have a special promotion for you! Receive FREE pickup and delivery by clicking here.



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