Things To Consider When Choosing A Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage is an ideal solution that for many Calgarians but how do you decide which provider to store your belongings with? Here are some things to consider when you are researching portable storage units in Calgary.

Storage Size Matters

The size of the container is one of the most important factors of your storage solution. We recommend putting all your storage items into one area to measuring the height, width and depth that you will require. There are a wide variety of Calgary storage units and it is important to select the offering that will best meet your specific needs.
What is the storage unit being used for? Perhaps you are downsizing your house and would like to put some furniture into storage. If this is the case, a large shipping container would best suit your needs.
In another situation, you may be looking for an offsite location to secure your small business paperwork and tax returns. For this application, you may only require a small storage container.

The Location Of A Storage Facility

Calgary is a spread-out city. Often we forget to factor in the time required to drive across the city to visit our friends, let alone our belongings. Be sure to speak with your storage facility to find out where their location is. It’s also important to find out whether you need to drive to the storage container facility to access your belongings or can the storage container be dropped back at your house?
Alternatively, if you need to retrieve a single item from your storage container, it is important to find out how intensive is the process of accessing your container.  Do you need to have the entire container delivered back to your house to retrieve a single item?
Portable storage units are completely mobile, that means your storage container can be returned to your home whenever you need. That way you don’t need to drive across town!


Having lockable containers is arguably the most important feature of a storage container. Knowing that your possessions are safe at all times; from the container is being filled on your property, to the container being housed in a secure storage facility.
The material that the container is built with is also an important feature to consider in terms of safety. Some containers are made with plywood and others with steel. Make sure to ask about the quality of the material when you are choosing a storage unit in Calgary.

Indoor or Outdoor Facilities

When you are researching storage containers in Calgary it is advised to think about whether you would like your belongings stored inside or outside. Is there anything in your storage unit that needs to be kept at room temperature?

Delivery of the Container

Where will your items be delivered once the contract has finished? Some people like to put their things into storage while they are in a different province.  If this is the case, make sure that your delivery company can send your container to the final destination.

Special Offers

Shopping around to get the best deal is an important part of the storage decision making process. It is a good idea to get an annual quote from all providers so you can easily compare the storage units.



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