Here’s How To Smoothly Move Out During The Summer


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Here’s How To Smoothly Move Out During The Summer

Your upcoming move stressing you out? Eliminate your worries and step into the future with MI-BOX portable storage.

Did you know that summer is the busiest moving season? 

Many might associate it with camping trips and warm fun in the sun, but it’s the most popular time for people and their families to plan a move.

It makes sense. Moving during warmer, more pleasant temperatures trumps braving the ferocious Canadian winter. 

Trust us. A tan beats frostbite.

Another factor is that families with children take advantage of the summer break to change schools.

That way, kids get introduced to a new grade instead of getting thrown into the unknown halfway through the school year. Summer vacation also gives them time to relax and mentally prepare for their new environment.

So moving during summer is better, got it. But how to go about it?

Here are some tips to help your summer move go smoothly.

Protect Your Electronics

Maybe don’t go too crazy on the bubble wrap, but using plenty of it on some items helps.

We are in a digital age. Reliance on electronics is higher than ever, and TVs, computers, monitors and laptops cost thousands of dollars.

That money can come and go, but it definitely goes faster when you find out your TV screen got cracked on the way to your new home. 

It is important to properly pack your electronics and protect them against heat, dust, and small impacts. Tossing them to the back of the truck without thinking twice might cost you dearly.

Even when protecting your stuff, you still have to be smart about HOW you move.

Eliminate Stress From Moving With Mobile Storage Units

Summer residential moves call for smart ways to go about it. After all, heat can still drain you when moving appliances, furniture, and heavy boxes.

MI-BOX offers a reliable solution in the form of mobile storage units. No more packing and moving under stress in order to meet a deadline due to having rented a truck, and you won’t even have to ask family and friends to help you do it quickly.

MI-BOX mobile storage solutions allow us to drop a moving container a few steps from your doorstep!

You’ll get to keep that container for as long as you need, which means you don’t have to rush and can take all those well-deserved breaks to recover. Another benefit is doing it on your own time, so there is no need to sacrifice work hours or family events.

Even if you were to go at it for long periods, your storage unit is right there. There is no need to haul it on a rented truck that doesn’t even have a ramp or a good step-in height anymore. 

This will save you time, energy and injury, even if you go at it for multiple hours a day.

With MI-BOX, you can quickly continue your move with peace of mind knowing that you are your own boss, moving at their own time and pleasure. 

Remove The Need To Drive Your Cargo

Now that you’ve loaded all of your stuff, it’s just a matter of getting behind the wheel and driving it to your new home, right?

But what if you don’t know how to drive a truck, especially one large enough to carry a storage container? That is just an unfortunate event waiting to happen. 

Best-case scenario, your cargo suffers damage before even arriving at your new place!

That would typically be the case if you went with an everyday residential mover and truck rental service. But that’s not a thing to worry about with MI-BOX, because here’s the real kicker when you partner with us: you don’t even have to drive the truck yourself!

Just call us when you’re done, and we’ll move it to your new home or keep it in one of our storage facilities for safekeeping while you get everything sorted!

It’s simple:

  1. Call MI-BOX storage units Calgary to deliver your storage container in front of your door.
  1. Load up the container with everything at your own pace.
  1. Call us so we can pick up your storage container and move it wherever you need.

At MI-BOX, we really believe that your next residential move should be at your own pace, with as little worry as possible.

Are you ready to move smart and stress-free? Request a free quote here and get ready to make your summer move seamless and hassle-free with MI-BOX!



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