Public storage in Calgary

Need help moving on a budget? A MI-BOX public storage in Calgary could be the answer.

Moving is an expensive necessity and oftentimes done the old-fashioned way, which can cost more money and time in the long run. 

Moving the old way is expensive

Some traditional moving methods include the following:  

  • Taking a few days off work and losing wages
  • Asking others for help, resulting in taking time off or donating their free time
  • Renting an awkward moving truck that could be damaged while in your care
  • Paying a meal for the moving help 
  • Daycare costs for children and pets

The list can get much longer, but these are the most common ones. Most people think this is the most cost-effective way of moving, but these outdated methods quickly add up for yourself and others.  

Modern moving is the best way to save big

Moving with a public storage service in Calgary, like MI-BOX, can help you save big on time and money. 

  • No need to disrupt your cash flow, as no time off is required
  • Stop inconveniencing friends and family, as they won’t need to book a day off to help you 
  • Eliminate the need to drive a giant rental truck and risk damage to it
  • Save money by not ordering or making meals for helpers 
  • Say goodbye to daycare costs for children and pets 

We’ll send one of our expert drivers to deliver and level one of our public storage units to any address in Calgary and the surrounding areas. You’ll have 24-hour access to the mobile unit, so you can work at your own pace days, weeks or even months before your move. 

When you’re done with your storage unit, just let us know, and we will take it to its next destination, whether that be you new home in Calgary or our clean and secure storage facility until you need it.  

Here’s how it works

The process is designed to be easy, quick and stress-free during a period that is usually very hectic. 

All you have to do is: 

  1. Give us a call, stop by our facility, or click the link below
  2. Tell us how big your move will be so we can help you figure out which one of our three convenient sizes will work best for you 
  3. Let us know where and when to drop it off

Are you ready to start the easiest and most budget-friendly  move of your life?

Click here to reserve your MI-BOX public storage unit in Calgary today! 



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