Halloween Is Over! The Only Scary Thing Left Is Storing Halloween Decor


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MI-BOX Halloween Storage Containers

Have a ton of Halloween decorations you need to swap out for Christmas? The Solution is MI-BOX storage containers.

Embracing the spooky season is more of a national sport in Canada. Full-fledged costumes, bags full of candy, and scary pumpkin decorations adorning the front of your home is something that the Halloween season brings every year.

Most of those trusty decorations will be used next year. But how do you go about storing them? You probably don’t want them cluttering the back of your closet. That’s just a jumpscare waiting to happen.

How do you go about storing it safely?

Here are some tips to go about it.

Keep, Store, Donate, Recycle or Throw Away?

Not all decorations are made the same. Some last for years while others (mostly carved pumpkins) will probably make their way to the nearest compost or garbage can.

It’s important to take note of what you will keep and put in storage. Also, instead of just throwing things away, consider potentially donating or recycling them as most decorations are made up of materials that can be repurposed into something else.

On your checklist, make sure to make a note of where the decorations you store are going. La

bel the boxes or bags you stow your items in as well.

How To Pack Them, Where To Store Them

Your outside decorations tend to be the largest items. Your inflatable ghost and orange lights occupy a good amount of space. 

Cloth items are best stored in plastic bags, while lights and extension cords can easily be wrapped around sticks or used toilet paper rolls. Tiny or fragile outside decorations are best stored using bubble wrap and boxes.

Again, make sure you label the boxes, bags, and keep note of where each thing is being stored. You’d be surprised how quickly you can forget where you put your Friday the 13th costume.

Now you have everything stored up! And if this is the first time you decorated your home for Halloween, you’ll also quickly find out that you don’t have that much space to spare for these items.

An easy solution is to opt for storage unit rental.

Now you might think renting a whole storage unit for Halloween decorations is overboard… and you’re right!

But you are not the type to go all out on Halloween and be a no-show on Christmas, are you?

Many things happen once a year. Halloween, Christmas, etc. need seasonal decorations and items to feel the holiday spirit, while a family trip to the mountains needs mountain gear and a big tent.

You need a safe place to store all of your items and protect them while they are waiting to be used next year. Humidity, bugs and moisture threaten to eat away at your cardboard boxes and plastic bags, potentially damaging the items within.

Still, taking those trips to the storage facility already seems like a chore.

However, with MI-BOX moving storage solutions, your mobile storage container will make its way to you! 

Make Storing Your Seasonal Items Easy With MI-BOX

No, we don’t mean our storage unit will grow spider legs and walk to your home (though that would certainly fit the Halloween spirit). 

With MI-BOX, you can request a storage container to be transported to your driveway. You can keep it as long as you need and then request for us to pick it up to store at our clean and secure storage facility for safekeeping!

No more making round trips to store your stuff the first time around. With MI-BOX, you get to choose when and where the storage comes to you. 

In the end, partnering with MI-BOX means less pressure and time spent on storing away those decorations.

Click here to check our available sizes and pick which one fits your needs best!



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