Moving On Christmas? Here Are Some Tips To Stay Jolly And Stress-Free!


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Moving On Christmas? Here Are Some Tips To Stay Jolly And Stress-Free!

Are you dreading moving in December? Keep the holidays stress-free with a MI-BOX storage container.  

Christmas Day is a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of those we love the most. However, it’s hard to stay jolly when you need to move on or around the most anticipated holiday of the year.

Moving by itself is a demanding task, especially a time-consuming one. However, your existence doesn’t have to be miserable just because you need to move during the holidays.

If the move is due to you finding a larger home or thanks to a job promotion, you can use this chance to turn it into something to celebrate! It’s important to focus on the positives during Christmas, after all.

Here are some tips you can use to make the most out of your Christmas moving experience!

Getting Organized & Early Shopping

Santa isn’t the only one with a big list of things to prepare for Christmas this year. The holiday season requires extremely careful planning already, even more so when a move is involved!

Write down all the things you need to do before the move. Arranging for transportation, renting a storage unit, utility connections, etc.

All of that seems like a hassle already, doesn’t it? Christmas should be about shopping as well! But with the move, you’ll barely have time to focus on that, wouldn’t you?

What if we told you that you could instead arrange for a storage container to be brought over and placed just in front of your doorstep?

With MI-BOX mobile solutions, you can now request a storage container and keep it for as long as you need! You won’t even have to venture through the snowy streets in order to transport your belongings since we’ll also send our team to pick it up and carry it for you!

That way, you should have more than enough time for some early holiday shopping and packing everything up for your move! 

By the time Christmas comes, you’ll have it all done and ready to go!

Gather (or Hire) Some Elves

If Santa needs help during Christmas, so do you. You can ask your family to help out and turn the move into a holiday celebration. 

Still, you may need more hands than that, and there are only so many people that are willing to ditch their Christmas dinner to move boxes. Be sure to offer a great meal for those who show up!

You could also opt into hiring professional movers. Be sure to schedule with time as well, so don’t wait until the last minute. You’d be surprised how much demand there is for movers in Canada, and most companies give their workers the day off.

Line up your elves (or hire them) ahead of time. People tend to vanish during the holidays, so you need to know who you can count on prior to the move.

Don’t Be A Scrooge

This is a short but important one.

Moving during Christmas might make it difficult to get into the holiday mood and spirit, but remember to make up your mind not to be unhappy. Moving is a new stage, a new chapter, and what better way to celebrate it than decorating your new home to stay jolly!

If you rely on friends and family to help you move, embrace the spirit of giving and give them a present as thanks. If you hire professional movers, provide a tip or even some baked goods!

After the move, get to know your neighbours! Have some fruit baskets or cookie batches done to say hi and thanks. 

Find The Best Sled To Move Your Stuff

Before you move, you need the right sled. We already talked about MI-BOX moving solutions and how they can help you make your move easier.

Think of MI-BOX as your sled and reindeer provider. Just tell us where you want your storage container, how long you need it, and where to go. We’ll take care of the “flying” for you!

No more needing to risk renting a truck and having to drive yourself through the dangerous winter roads. That’s just an unfortunate accident waiting to happen. Best case scenario, you come out safe and sound, but your belongings don’t.

But with us, you only need to drive in your comfortable vehicle and meet us at your new place to deliver your storage container at your scheduled time!

Partner with MI-BOX and remove the stress and worry from your move and focus on things that really matter during the holiday!

Click here to contact MI-BOX and stay jolly while moving on Christmas and make the most out of your Christmas move!



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