Is Your Vehicle Homeless? Reclaim Your Garage & Keep Your Car Toasty This Winter


Portable storage container

Is your car homeless this winter? MI-BOX can help you organize your garage so your vehicle gets its warm house back.

Here at MI-BOX, we help people declutter their garages using our storage units so they can be used for their intended purpose: to house their vehicles and keep them safe from the harsh Canadian climate.

Did you know most Calgarian garages have some degree of clutter and often can’t even park their vehicles? 

If this sounds like you, read on to discover how to rescue your garage from clutter, transform it into a functional space, and How MI-BOX self-storage can help.

Say Goodbye to Everything You Don’t Use and Profit 

It’s funny how all the things we don’t use, either broken or still in good shape, end up in the garage. If the goal is to declutter, be honest about how often you’ll use said object, especially if you’ve forgotten it exists. 

You can even benefit from decluttering your garage! You can profit by selling your unwanted/unneeded items or gain peace of mind knowing you did your part to help someone in need. 

A good strategy for deciding what stays and goes is by setting up different piles and labelling them: keep, donate, sell and throw out. Make sure to speak to the rest of the household to avoid any misunderstandings and arguments.

Once you know the future of your belongings, there are several ways to execute your plan. 

  • List items for sale or giveaway on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace
  • Have a garage sale 
  • Donate to a shelter 
  • Drop off at donation bins around the city
  • Give away to friends and family
  • Take to second-hand stores 
  • Drive to the dump to discard non-salvageable

Organize Your Garage with Shelving, Bins & Labels 

Here comes the fun part! Organizing your garage walls in zones like tools, food, seasonal, miscellaneous, and so on, will make finding things a lot easier and ensure you have enough space to park your car. 

Look for heavy-duty plastic, wood or metal shelving that can be secured to the wall to prevent toppling over, and you’ve got a great foundation for optimal organization. Furthermore, clear bins with labels will remind you of what you have stored away, so you don’t end up with another garage sorting situation in a few years. 

If you’re really serious about utilizing every bit of space in your garage, install tire shelves as close to the ceiling as possible and get seasonal tires out of the way completely. You’ll have extra space to move around, so you don’t have to pay 3rd party companies to store your tires after swapping them. 

You can even leave room along the bottom for stackable recycling bins, deep freezers, and sturdy shelving to store extra canned food items, especially during winter. Talk about maximizing your space.  

Rent a Mobile Storage Unit During Your Garage Organization

Told you MI-BOX can help, and here’s how. 

It is a pain to go through what seems like endless amounts of stuff. We can’t magically make it all go away, but we can help the process go much smoother. 

We offer mobile storage units in three convenient sizes that are delivered and levelled right on your driveway for easy, 24-hour access. Our portable storage containers are made from the best quality materials, so there is no need to worry about elemental damage to your belongings as you sort everything. 

How exactly can this help?  You can use it to house everything while you deep clean, install shelving and strategize what will be stored where. The best part is  parking your car indoors after the shelving goes up. 

You can work at your own pace and choose to do a little or a lot of work. Once you’ve had enough for the day, simply lock up, leave the rest for later and go about your day. 

Maybe the weather has just been too outrageous, and you prefer to tackle this tedious work during the summer. No problem! Our units are affordable, meaning you can keep your mobile storage for weeks or even months right on your property. 

We can even pick up the container and deliver it to our clean and secure storage facility until you’re ready.

Choose MI-BOX to Help you Clean Out & Organize Your Garage

Hopefully, these tips will assist you in taking the steps needed to get your car’s house back. Don’t forget, we’re here for you!

Are you ready to get your garage under control and use it for its intended purpose? 

  1. Give us a call, stop by or click the link below to get in touch with us
  2. Let us know how much stuff you need to clear out, and we’ll help you pick the right size storage unit
  3. Let us know where to drop it off and when to pick it up

And done! Click here to get started with a MI-BOX mobile storage unit!



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