Moving Within Canada Has Evolved To An Easier Way

Canadians have been moving since organized real estate became a thing in the 1800s. Humans are known for being innovative business developers even in ancient times. It is no surprise at all that with real estate came the creation of the booming moving industry. 

Coincidently, the first automobile made its appearance around the same time; however, that industry was still in the developing stages. So, how were moving companies offering their services?

Humble Beginnings: The Horse Drawn Moving Trucks! 

That’s right, since the automobile industry was barely in the beginning stages, movers relied on horse-drawn carriages and a few men to load up customer belongings and transport them to their new destination.

How cool is that?!

Improving The Moving Industry throughout the years

Observative, curious and creative humans are known for constantly trying to innovate. It should come as no surprise that the moving industry had major milestones leading up to the present. 

Early 1900s 

The auto industry was booming, and by the early 1900s, large trucks were becoming a crucial part of business management like farming, goods transporting and so on. Naturally, residential moving companies were no exception. 

Mid 1900s

A new business model was possible thanks to the improved efficiency and durability of moving trucks. Rentals trucks for the DIYer debuted, allowing Canadians to manage their belongings and budgets with great care. 

Late 1900s

Horse-drawn moving trucks had been long gone at this point, rental moving trucks were the new normal, and self-storage was a growing industry here in Canada. There were more options for people to move within the country or even overseas for a while. 

Where are we now? 

We’ve certainly come a long way! Here at MI-BOX, we provide an option that moving companies and rental trucks can’t offer; work at your own pace, days, weeks or even months before your big move. 

Here’s how it works.  

Give us a call, reach out online, or stop by our location and let us know how big or small your move looks like. We will help you pick out the perfect mobile container for you to keep as long as you’d like. 

Small: 8’ X 7.5’ X 7.5’ – dorm rooms 

Medium: 16’ X 7.5’ X 7.5’ – 3 to 4 rooms

Large: 20’ X 7.5’ X 7.5’ – 4 to 5 rooms

Then, just let us know when you need your storage unit delivered, and sit back and relax while we use our state-of-the-art lift technology to perfectly place and level your portable unit. With a perfect step-in height steps away from your front door, you can work comfortably while moving your precious belongings. 

When you’re ready to move to your new home, just give us a call and let us know where to deliver your mobile storage unit. If you need us to look after your belongings for a while, we’ll take your unit to a clean and secure storage facility until you need it again. 

Say goodbye to awkwardly large truck rentals and tired movers that can easily damage your stuff. Say hello to stress-free moving with care only you, the hard-working owner, can provide. 

Team Up With MI-BOX For An Evolved Experience  

You deserve the best, easy and modern service available, and MI-BOX can provide just that. Our respectful, knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you get started. 

Ready to have a trusting partner have your back during your new adventures? Click here to get a free quote today. 



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