Once Upon A MI-BOX: Why You Should Team Up With Us


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Looking for moving and storing solutions? Get to know  MI-BOX and why you should choose us

Here at MI-BOX, we offer unrivalled moving and storage services in conjunction with a one-of-a-kind team happily ready to assist. We offer blogs full of tips and tricks to help you along various moving and storage directions. 

The interesting questions are who, what, when, where and why! In this blog, we want to open up so you can get to know your faithful community MI-BOX. Let’s learn and bond a little, shall we?   

Once upon a time

Many years ago, inexpensive DIY moving and rental trucks were the standard way of residential moving. In contrast, expensive commercial moving companies were considered a luxury. Then, in 2004, the first MI-BOX Business model and mobile storage container were born. 

It was the first business model that gave movers the best of both DIY and commercial moving worlds at an affordable price. MI-BOX would deliver and pick up a safe and secure portable container just steps from the front door. Movers could work at their own pace and

could keep the unit as long as they wanted. 

Furthermore, an ample and secure storage facility would provide even more options for people with unique and not so unique life situations like moving overseas for work or for fun, needing extra space for seasonal items, temporarily moving and storing dorm rooms etc. 

Needless to say, popularity snowballed, as people could avoid driving massive rental trucks AND tired movers potentially damaging their items without breaking the bank. What?!  

Your Friendly Neighbourhood MI-BOX Man, Sean

Sean is the owner of Calgary, MI-BOX. He’s a curious, creative and problem-solving type of guy. The standard way of moving hadn’t changed in about a century, and he knew there had to be a better way until he came across MI-BOX in 2013. 

His problem-solving attribute allowed him to realize that each person’s moving circumstance is entirely unique and requires a different solution. Moving may seem pretty black and white, but consider the following:

  • Single parents with time constraints
  • Limited mobility people that need more time to organize a move
  • Busy families that have strict schedules
  • Individuals that do not drive but prefer DIY
  • People with limited budgets

Those are just a few circumstances that don’t fit traditional moving trucks or expensive moving companies. Sean, the problem solver he is, had found the answer to so many issues going unnoticed or ignored.  

That year, MI-BOX Calgary and your friendly neighbourhood MI-BOX man came into existence. Yay! 

What MI-BOX Stands for

Sean is a family man, so naturally, MI-BOX Calgary became locally owned and operated by him and his lovely family. Even the team hired quickly became family. 

There were a few core fundamental principles every happy little MI-BOX worker bee needed to follow. 

  • Practice honesty and transparency
  • Let respect and fairness lead the day 
  • Be genuinely knowledgeable and helpful
  • Aim to exceed customer expectations
  • Provide a high-quality experience for fellow Albertans at all times

With these values at the center of everyday proceedings, we created many customer benefits such as efficiency, reliability and competitive rates. Customers have a stress-free option with a trustworthy team backing them up throughout their entire moving journey. 

Additionally, it’s truly a wonderful experience for our beloved community and our highly valued team.  

We cordially invite you to be a part of the MI-BOX family

There are many options to choose from out there, and we respect your decision. Just know that we work hard to offer the best quality possible, we work hard to protect the precious belongings that you worked so hard for, and we work hard to earn your trust so you can worry about things that matter more than moving and storage. 
Ready to team up with the MI-BOX family for the easiest moving and storing experience? Click here to get your free quote today!



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